Who are those Scintillating Felines,
the Northwest Hellcats?

We are not a narco drug cartel

We are not the NRA

We are not a cult.

If we were a cult, you would  bring your own icons and beverages. 

We are not a Brand Name nor a Food Chain,
but Hellcat™ Action Figures are appealing. 
Not to mention Hellcat™ Lunchpails!

If we may quote the Beat poet Diane di Prima: 

The imagination is not only holy, it is precise
it is not only fierce, it is practical
men die everyday for the lack of it,
it is vast & elegant

w/out imagination there is no memory
w/out imagination there is no sensation
w/out imagination there is no will, desire

Hellcats celebrate, and salute the Imagination.

These pages are a Production of the Northwest Hellcats.  If you want to reproduce anything, drop us a line. We're pretty cool, slightly vain, and we'll probably grant permission.

No Hellcats were harmed in the production of these pages. 
They were irritated, flummoxed, and
threw a couple of hissys but not harmed.


Where it all gets created