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ARIANA BURNS has been a writer most of her life. Despite a role in an elementary school play, she didn't discover theatre until college. Her plays include Silver Wings on Blue; Tiny Lives, Tiny Deaths; and Patchwork. BURNS' work has been produced and/or developed by the Lewiston Civic Theatre, Theatre Outside the Belljar, and the University of Idaho as well as independently in Honolulu, HI & Potsdam, NY.

Awards include:
 a reading at the Northwest Drama Conference of A Stick in the Spoke; a prize & production of Patchwork by the Northwest Playwrights Guild.

She has studied screenwriting under Colin Higgins and playwrighting under Micki Panttaja & David M. Cohen.


Three Keys of Captain Hellfire
Cast: 14
Genre: adventure, farce, music
Wilhelmina Dowdy has a secret. Seven years ago she was Captain Hellfire of the pirate ship, the Early Revenge. A sudden tempest shipwrecked her and her crew, along with their amassed stolen loot. Dowdy protected the treasure and waited. Now her crew returns, old, meaner, and not much wiser to finally divvy  up the booty. A comedy  by Ariana Burns, original shanties by Shandeen.

Cheap Atomic Romance ­  A Play in Ten Scenes
Cast:  10; 7 F, 3 M
Genre: comedy, drama, period, science fiction
Set in a desert at small American diner at the beginning of the Atomic Age when despite the danger, this new energy source promised a “World of Tomorrow." Mardell who is said to do “impossible things” comes to the diner to visit her Aunt Edna. When a bomb test goes awry and sets fire to Edna’s pond, Edna decides her place will be saved by her miraculous niece.

Silver Wings on Blue
Cast: 10; 8 F, 2 M
story of the Women's Airforce Service Pilots, civilians who worked for the Army Air Forces during World War II.

Tiny Lives, Tiny Deaths
Cast:  6  Genre: dark comedy, experimental, fantasy, tragedy
Set at a wake, four characters struggle with the passing of a close friend. Death just wants to collect the Ghost and go. De-constructionist/surrealist look at the grief process.

The Oubliette
Cast: 3  Genre: dark comedy, fable/folktale, fantasy, tragedy
Friends try to relate when one is hemmed in by fear.

Patchwork -- A Touring Project for the Palouse AIDS Network
Cast: 6; 3F, 3M
Genre: AIDS education, drama


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